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Krav Maga Bath Instructor Peter Maslon

Krav Maga Bath offers professional coaching in authentic Israeli Krav Maga. Krav Maga Bath is a nationally recognised British Krav Maga School offering professional standards of coaching and training.  Krav Maga Bath is run by G5 Graduate Instructor Peter Maslon


Krav Maga classes are not like other Martial Art lessons. No belts, no hierarchies, no Masters. There is no room for ego and no such thing as tough – ‘’There is trained or untrained’’. Through encouragement and teamwork we help you to climb new heights and challenge your limits.


At Krav Maga Bath, we are focused on reality-based training. Alongside with comprehensive Krav Maga sessions, we practise a tailored conditioning programme ideally suited to the discipline. The programme incorporates  intervals training prior and during Krav Maga practise.



Many of our students have realised the significant health benefits of following our bespoke conditioning programme as part of their Krav Maga training.


Krav Maga Bath InstructorPeter’s experience in Judo, Kickboxing and other combat systems such as Military Combat Programmes provide additional learning benefits for his students, providing a fluid approach to his sessions.



Peter’s coaching can be enjoyed by adults of all shapes, sizes, health levels and consists of 1.5 hour sessions twice a week which incorporate both intensive conditioning to enhance cardiovascular & core strength, followed by practical training in Krav Maga techniques.
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