About British Krav Maga

British Krav Maga is a national network of Krav Maga schools delivering professionally taught classes and courses in Israeli Krav Maga. British Krav Maga offers Nationally Recognised qualifications, gradings and events for affiliated schools.  The organisation provides  delivers training via its’s own research based National Curricula. The British Krav Maga National Curricula contains professionally designed training programmes for:

  • Adult Krav Maga for Self Defence and Fitness
  • Krav Maga for security Professionals
  • Krav Maga Sport Programme
  • Krav Maga Youth programme (10 to 16 years)
  • Instructor Certification Programme
About Krav Maga

Krav Maga is a survival system developed by the Israeli Military. It has no sporting applications and focuses exclusively on self defence and personal protection. This is fundamentally different from martial arts training.

Krav Maga has a clear remit to focus exclusively on training methods and techniques that most quickly equip a practitioner to protect themselves or their family.

This approach defines who we are and how we train. Simplicity and intensity are the foundations of Krav Maga training. The objective is survival not victory. There is no code of conduct. No rules and no fair play – just survival. This purity of purpose and single minded approach promotes a physical and mental intensity that are not commonly found elsewhere.

Krav Maga has no patterns or forms, just an emphasis on simplicity and the application of functional technique. The key to survival under stress is simplicity and instinctive movement, not complex or aesthetic movement.


Whether it’s organisational politics, (‘my association/style/instructor is better than yours’), or International politics, (‘my country/religion is better than yours’ – we don’t do them.

Politics detract from training and integrity. We are simply a British organisation of Kravists, we have no political affiliations in the UK or abroad.

Inclusive training

We believe every person has the right to be able to protect themselves. We welcome people of all ages (over 10), and all abilities to train. Our mission is to equip as many people as possible, with the skills necessary to protect themselves or their loved ones should the need arise. We welcome everybody from the young and relitavley fit to the to older, less fit and inexperienced. Nervous beginners are most welcome.


British Krav Maga Schools are for profit organisations. We charge a fair rate for a professional and ethical coaching. Profits should be byproduct of high standards in training and efficient school management. However profit  is not our sole objective. We recognise that commercial success is a necessity for growth and evolution at both a personal and organisational level, but not at the price of your values or integrity.

Ethics in business and in training

We reserve the right to refuse to train individuals whose morals or motivations cause us concern. Our remit is to provide ordinary people with the ability to protect  themselves. It is not to make better trained thugs, bullies or criminals.

Our national growth has been sustained by fair and ethical treatment of both students and instructors. We don’t use long contracts, high prices or franchising.